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The Vita Hludowici Imperatoris records that "comitem Lantbertum" was custodian of Nijmegen [in ] [73]presumably a temporary appointment as "comes palatii" of the royal palace at Nijmegen maybe for the period of the emperor's visit.About from west to east, Flehite lay east of the county of Niftarlake, around the town of Utrecht [61]. The Attivitа Hludowici Imperatoris records so as to "comitem Lantbertum" was curator of Nijmegen [in ] [73]presumably a temporary choice as "comes palatii" of the royal palace by Nijmegen maybe for the period of the emperor's visit. The county of Strijen Stria lay add east in what is now the central amount of the Dutch area of Noord-Brabant [85]. This document also shows, all the rage Chapter 12, the Advance of Frisia. As pessoas que ali se encontravam transformaram-se em cinzas bawl uma temperatura de 1. This is particularly applicable as many of the individual counts are recorded with property in add than one county.

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An imperially appointed count Albdag is named in Oostergo in No later allusion of this imperially created Frisian duchy has been found in the basic sources so far consulted and it is alleged that it lapsed at the same time as separate counties developed all the rage Frisia. The Annales Metenses record that in the forces of Charles "Martel" arrived "ad Wistriamchi et Wastrachia insulas" and killed "Poponem…ducem illorum" while capturing the castle "super Bordinem…fluvium" [37]. Veluwe was individual of the counties of Baldric, passing after his death to the descendants of Eberhard who was Graaf van Salland after that Graaf van Drenthe [64]. However, it was area of interest to repeated Viking attacks from the sea as of the early 9th century, as reported in abundant contemporary sources. The at the outset Frisian land to be ceded to the Danes was Rüstringen, on the mouth of the brook Weser in upper Frisia north-west Germanywhich was approved to Harald King of Denmark in Other sources show that Count Dirk was the son of the Gerulf who was granted land by Emperor Arnulf in The Annales Fuldenses refer to a devastating Viking attack arrange Dorestad and the atoll of Walcheren in [12]. The three counties of Flehite, Veluwe and Nardinclant were located north of the river Rhine. Eram acomodados em cada um dos The county of Nifterlake was also located near Utrecht, Fethna body its main centre [51]. Frisia's marshy terrain made it relatively inaccessible as a result of land.

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The first of these groups lay between the rivers Ems and Lauwers, east of Groningen in the north of The Netherlands. As can be seen in Chapter 2, this estimated birth date array is calculated from the likely birth and marriage ceremony dates of Dirk II's known descendants, and appears reasonably robust. The district of Nijmegen Niumagen was centred on the city of the same appellation in which the colonial palace was located, even if it is not accepted how far outside the town the county spread. If the correct appointment was , no erstwhile attested reference to a Count Dirk has been found around that age. By the 13th century, most of the district of Veluwe belonged en route for the bishopric of Utrecht. The first such altercation is recorded in all the rage the Royal Frankish Archive, which report that Godefrid King of the Danes fought the Frisians [11]. It is assumed so as to "forestum Was[el]a" and "forestum Aewasda" refer to Waasland in Flanders, to the south of the district of Holland, although but the charter is actual this represents the barely reference to the counts having extended their area this far south. The next charter which confirms the territories of the county of Holland is dated 25 Aug , under which Otto III King of Germany recognised the rights in acreage "inter duo flumina que vocantur Liora et Hisla" and "in comitatibus Masalant, Kinhem, Texla" of "fideli nostro Theoderico comiti" [98]. Although "Suithardeshaghe" has not been identified, it almost certainly lay between Leiden after that Haarlem. The earliest recorded duke of Frisia was Radbod.

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